About the college

Pudukkottai is a historical place, the princely state of the Thondamans. It was the first native domain to merge voluntarily with the Indian union after Independence. when Pudukkottai District was formed in 1974,Pudukkottai town became the district Headquarters.The town began to progress steadily in various fields.Though there were two Arts colleges and a college of education, Pudukkottai had to wait for nearly two decades, for realizing the revolutionary concept of higher education , in the form of a self-financing college this kind.

It is often said that education is the foundation of a nation and much of nation’s future and progress depend on her system of education.

The Karpaga Vinayaga Educational Trust desired to start a college for education in the name”J.J.College of Education”

The prime aim of this institution is to promote the academic quality of the learners, to inculcate human values in them and to bring fourth well trained teachers who in turn will educate their young students in the process of nation building and in bringing out enlightened civilization and true culture.

So Our College was inaugurated on 28th August 2006 , and it serves the stake holders with noble objective of education student teachers, in the above cause.

  • Bringing out competent knowledgeable well – trained teachers with necessary academic excellence and respect for human values who in turn will offer quality education to the future generation and thus help build a new world based on equality justice,peace and human brotherhood.

  • To offer innovative quality teacher education to turn out knowledgeable,skilled and trained teachers.
  • To impart knowledge acquisition and knowledge management skills so that trainees go out with the ability to impart such skills to their students.
  • To build up capacity to impart man making education.
  • To imbue trainees with human values and inspire the quest for excellence.
  • To mould the trainees in to model citizens who can inspire emulation.
  • To awaken the spirit of participation in trainees so that they become active agents of positive change capable of leading their wards in social and national service.
  • To nurture the values of tolerance, peaceful,co-existence and universal love to make trainees messengers of world peace.
  • To provide a learner-friendly,eco friendly environment to enable trainees to achieve excellent character and a mind to serve society.